All oil & gas companies maintain Schematic Metering Diagram (SMDs) which depict the relationships between wells, batteries, compressors and facilities along with the associated equipment such as meters, tanks, and separators.  SMD diagrams evolve over time as new wells are added, wells are abandoned or equipment added or upgraded. In most areas, government regulations require this information be kept current and utilized during an audit.

The Schematic Tracker (ST) is a powerful tool that integrates the diagram component with its associated data in a client-server architecture.  In addition, it provides full audit capabilities for all changes to the diagram as well as the associated data settings.

When ST is integrated with production data sources such as the SCADA system or a Field Data Capture (FDC) system, it can also provide production accountants with a volume balance check across the various production systems.

ST facilitates the sharing and updates by multiple users from various groups within the company including:

  • Production Accountants
  • Operations
  • Development & Facility Engineers
  • Production Engineers


When accompanied with appropriate business processes, ST assists in adherence to regulatory requirements such as British Columbia’s OGC and Alberta’s ERCB.

ST facilitates the interaction between different groups within the company to stay synchronized with physical changes to equipment in the field.  ST provides date effective records along with full logging capabilities as required for audit purposes.

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